December 2018 - June 2022

On 5 December 2018, the Trakai District Municipality Administration signed a financing agreement and started implementing the project "Promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Trakai District Municipality by means of e-marketing". The project addresses the problem of insufficient awareness and attractiveness of the intangible cultural heritage of Trakai District. The intangible cultural heritage is not sufficiently disclosed and the cultural and recreational needs of residents and visitors are not sufficiently met.

In addition, it is important to strive to improve the image and perception of Lithuania as a cohesive and quality tourism destination, to promote and make Lithuanian attractions more attractive, and to better inform tourists about Lithuania's tourism opportunities using modern information technology tools.

The aim of the project is to increase the visibility and awareness of historical, artistic, folklore, traditional and folk crafts cultural heritage sites in Trakai District by means of e-marketing. The objective is achieved through the development and implementation of e-marketing tools.

The objective of the project is to develop and implement e-marketing tools.

The project will implement the following e-marketing tools:

  1. Website;
  2. Social media marketing (SMM);
  3. Search Engine Advertising (SEA and SEO);
  4. Online display advertising;
  5. Email advertising;
  6. Advertising on online portals.


E-marketing will increase the visibility of the intangible cultural heritage objects described and the number of visitors to the public places where the objects are presented (houses of culture etc.). The implementation of the marketing measures will improve the image of Trakai District and of Lithuania as a country attractive for tourism in the Lithuanian and foreign markets, as well as increase the interest of the Lithuanian population in the cultural heritage, thus turning its objects into focal points for social, educational and economic activities.

All the information is now available on All upcoming non-commercial events taking place in the Trakai area can be found there.

The project applicant is the Trakai District Municipality Administration. The project budget is EUR 181 852,79, of which EUR 154,574.87 is from the European Regional Development Fund and EUR 27,277.92 is from the Trakai District Municipality budget. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Trakai District Municipality budget.

 Date of contract signing: 05/12/2018

Start of project activities: 05/12/2018

End of project activities: 03/06/2022

Project coordinator: head of the Culture and Tourism Department Ana Baltutienė, e-mail:, tel. (8 528) 55 557.

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