Trakai District Municipality has contacted historians to determine the date of the foundation of Trakai. Darius Baronas, PhD, Principal Research Fellow at the History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Department in the Lithuanian Institute of History, and Professor, Habilitated Doctor Alfredas Bumblauskas, Head of the Department of Theory of History and History of Culture, Faculty of History, Vilnius University, suggested that the inhabitants of Trakai should not forget that they are a true laboratory of the reflection of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and suggested that in 2022 they should celebrate their 700th anniversary (1322-2022), and that they should do it on 8 September (the day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the day of the Coronation of Vytautas).

Historians claim that the establishment of such a date will undoubtedly contribute to the strengthening of the historical and cultural consciousness of the inhabitants of Trakai and will become a tool to enhance the cultural and cognitive attractiveness of Trakai to visitors from Lithuania and abroad.

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